GoodPapa Smart Toilet Brush With Self-Cleaning

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Your toilet should always be as clean as any other place at your home. That’s easier said than done, you might think, but we’re happy to tell you that it is now as easy as it should be. To help you easily and neatly keep your toilet clean, we developed Good Papa, the world’s smartest toilet brush ever.

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Portable Electric UVC Self-cleaning Sterilization Toilet Brush Durable and Detachable TUP Brushhead Bathroom Cleaning Brush.

UVC Sterilization –99.9% germ and bacterial free.

UVC Sterilization

IPX7 Waterproof Handle: IPX7grade which can work in the water.

IPX7 Waterproof Handle

Good Papa’s brush head features an IPX7 and the handle features an IPX4 waterproof level that gives you the peace of mind of knowing this is a device that’s designed to last, perform and actually clean toilets, no matter how wet it gets, and in a way that is 100% secure for you, as its user.

Efficient Cleaning Way:  TPR material toilet brush, moderate hardness, stick to the surface of the dirt and easy to wash. Efficient Cleaning Way
One Key Operation: UVC on/off switch various functions are combined in one key position, easy to operate.
GOODPAPA features an exquisite design and an ABS handle that give you luxurious touch that any bathroom should have. Only one key operation, one button to turn on and turn off.

One Key Operation

Ventilating Base: free drainage,air dry,keep brush and holderclean and dry,no bactria.
The world’s smartest toilet brush has a hollow ventilated base that ensures that GOODPAPA will stay dry, clean, and odorless when it’s not being used. That’s right—even the slightest water drop will quickly evaporate, leaving your Good Papa as clean as it should always be!

Ventilating Base

Powerful USB-DC Charging Battery: 2000mAh rechargeable Li-thium battery driven,charging time 3h, using time1.5h. —360 rotation,labor saving.

Powerful USB-DC Charging Battery

2 Storage Way: –wall mounted or on floor.

2 Storage Way

Product Parameter


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